Austin calls for action on live animal exports

Dudley MP Ian Austin has called on the Government to allow British ports to refuse to export live animals.

Recent statistics revealed that almost 50,000 young calves and sheep were exported from the UK while still alive on long journeys to fattening farms and slaughterhouses abroad. Local campaigners say these journeys cause huge amounts of unnecessary suffering.

Austin has recently campaigned to end live animal exports, and asked the Government to launch a full review into the live export trade. So far the Government has failed to act.

Austin has written to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs calling for legislative changes to allow individual ports to refuse to participate in the export trade in live farm animals.

Ian Austin said:

“The Government has refused again and again to consider the suffering of thousands of animals who are sent on long, gruelling and unnecessary trips every year.

“I have written to the Government calling for modest changes to allow ports to refuse to participate in this trade if they wish to do so.

“This is a simple, common-sense proposal would allow businesses to refuse involvement in live exports on ethical grounds.”