Austin calls on government to tackle rip off petrol prices

Dudley MP Ian Austin has called for the government to take action over rip off petrol prices.

Official government figures show that the price of petrol at the pump has failed to keep pace with a fall in the price of crude oil.
Petrol cost just 99p/litre in 2009 at a time when a barrel of Brent Crude cost $70, but petrol has since rocketed to 115p/litre despite a fall in the price of Brent Crude to $59.
Earlier this year Austin was thanked by TV motoring expert Quentin Wilson, the lead campaigner of FairFuelUK, for his support in helping to achieve a freeze on fuel duty.
He has now promised to back local Fair Fuel UK campaigners who are calling for fairer petrol prices, and has written to the Chancellor George Osborne urging him to take action.
Ian Austin said:
“Like most people in Dudley I have noticed the steep increase in cost when filling up my car. Going to the pump has become very expensive for millions of families across the country.”
“When the cost of oil comes down the price of petrol should come down to match it, so I’m calling on the government to make sure this happens.”