Austin tells council to reconsider Gospel End Road lights

Dudley MP Ian Austin is calling on Staffordshire Council to reconsider the installation of lights on Gospel End Road.

Local residents have contacted Austin to say that temporary lights at the entrance to a new housing development on the road have caused traffic chaos.

There are now plans for a permanent set of lights at the entrance to a new development on the road that residents want stopped.

Austin has written to Staffordshire Council to raise concerns about the development and is working with local residents to raise their objections.

Ian Austin said:

“Residents who use Gospel End Road have told me that temporary lights have added as much as an hour to their daily commute.

“They have now been told that the lights will be made permanent threatening to create traffic chaos in the area.

“I got straight on to the council to raise residents’ concerns and I’ll be pushing for an end to disruption on the road.”