Why Enoch was wrong: Britain is better for its diversity

Let’s celebrate how Britain has got better, not commemorate division


Dudley North MP Ian Austin will be hosting a ‘rally against racism’ for the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech this April.

Austin has booked the biggest room in the Burlington Hotel which is where Powell gave the speech to a handful of people in April 1968. He is inviting high profile speakers from across the country and hopes that hundreds of people will come together to celebrate how Britain has got better over the last 50 years.

Austin’s event takes place at 6.00pm on April 19th at the Burlington Hotel in New Street and people can sign up to attend here.

Ian Austin said:

“This was a shameful speech that caused great division, presented a terrible image of the Black Country and even resulted in people being attacked.

“Powell divided communities based on the colour of people’s skin, he wanted immigrants to leave the country and predicted race wars and blood on the streets.

“His terrible predictions have never become true. Instead, the West Midlands is home to communities in which people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures work and live together harmoniously.

“People from all over the world have made a huge contribution to community life, to our NHS and other public services and, by setting up businesses and creating jobs, our economy too so I’m inviting speakers from across the country and people from around the region to join me as we celebrate all the ways Britain has got better over the last 50 years.”